Community Resources

A non-exhaustive list of community services, arts based services and artist-run galleries across the Greater Toronto Area.

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community resources

Building and sharing resources is a core operative function of our collective. With that in mind, Way Past Kennedy Road has begun generating a non-exhaustive list of community services, arts based services and artist-run galleries across the Greater Toronto Area. If you have any ideas about what places or categories you’d like included on this page, please reach out to us by clicking here.

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Community Services

  • Access Alliance
    A multicultural service centre which offers primary health care, community health and wellness programs, settlement and social services, language services and community-based research.

  • Canadian Council for Muslim Women
    Promotes an understanding of the experiences of Muslim women in Canada through community engagement, research, influence public policy and strive for positive change.

  • Daily Bread Food Bank
    Supplies food to nearly 200 food programs across Toronto, and undertakes research on issues about hunger, life on low income, housing, and income security.

  • East Scarborough Storefront
    Supports event coordination, connects residents to employment opportunities, and offers many other services including legal advice and settlement services.

  • The Housing Help Centre
    A registered non-profit agency whose mandate is to help people access and maintain affordable and safe market rent accommodation.

  • Ontario Council of Agencies Serving Immigrants (OCASI)
    Acts as an advocate for immigrant-serving sector. Conducts research to improve services for immigrants across Ontario.

  • Rivers of Hope
    A toolkit that offers inspiration, resources and information to Muslim women facing Islamophobic violence and the people who want to support them.

  • Taibu Community Health Centre
    A community health centre which provides primary health care and related services for Black populations across the Greater Toronto Area.

  • Tropicana Community Services
    Offers counselling, child care, educational and employment services to youth, newcomers and all people of Black and/or Caribbean descent.

  • Urban Alliance on Race Relations
    A non-profit charitable organization which works primarily and proactively with the community, public and private sectors to provide educational programs and research, which are critical in addressing racism in society.

  • Women’s Health in Women’s Hands
    Provides primary healthcare to racialized women from African, Black, Caribbean, Latin American and South Asian communities in Toronto and surrounding municipalities.

Arts-Based Services + Community Arts Organizations

Designed by  Meech Boakye

Designed by Meech Boakye

  • A Different Booklist
    The People’s Residence; a hub, destination and space dedicated to the intellectual and cultural experience of people of African and Caribbean ancestry.

  • Another Story Bookshop
    An independent bookshop in Toronto specializing in social justice, equity and diversity.

  • Artists’ Legal Advice Services
    Offers free summary legal advice to artists living in Ontario, Canada.

  • ArtReach
    Supports community-based arts initiatives that engage youth from underserved populations who have experienced exclusion in Toronto.

  • Art Starts
    Provides a safe, supportive and inclusive environment for self-expression and creative collaboration.

  • Blank Canvas
    A Black-owned organization driving cultural forward for marginalized people through programming and community engagement.

  • East End Arts
    6th Local Arts Services Organization in the city. Others include - Arts Etobicoke, Lakeshore Arts, North York Arts, Scarborough Arts, and UrbanArts.

  • Liaison of Independent Filmmakers of Toronto
    Provides support and encouragement for independent filmmakers and artists through affordable access to production, post-production and exhibition equipment; professional and creative development; workshops and courses; commissioning and exhibitions; artist-residencies; and a variety of other services.

  • Mayworks Festival
    An anti-oppressive Festival of Working People and the Arts that incites the creation and production of art that engages diverse artists and workers at the intersection of culture, economics and social justice.

  • Neighbourhood Arts Network
    An arts and equity toolkit with principles for working toward community arts equity, examples of equity in practice, and practical resources.

  • NIA Centre for the Arts
    A Toronto-based not-for-profit organization that supports, showcases and promotes an appreciation of the arts from across the African Diaspora.

  • Parlia Newcomer Arts Network
    A collective that supports, promotes, offers resources to newcomer artists in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area.

  • Scarborough Arts
    Brings individuals and groups together to create and cultivate innovative arts and cultural programs in Scarborough through community engagement.

  • SKETCH Working Arts
    A community arts enterprise which engages diverse young people (16 - 29) across Canada who are navigating poverty, living homeless or otherwise on the margins, to experience transformative power, cultivate change, and build leadership through the arts.

  • Vibe Arts
    Works collaboratively with children and youth in under-resourced communities to innovate, build skills and resiliency, and lead social change through arts education programming.

  • 401 Richmond
    An arts-and-culture hub in downtown Toronto. It is home to over 140 artists, cultural producers, social innovators, microenterprises, galleries, festivals, and shops.

Artist-Run Galleries

  • BAND Gallery and Cultural Centre
    Connecting Black culture to communities, BAND supports, documents and showcases the artistic and cultural contributions of Black artists and cultural workers in Canada and internationally.

  • Margin of Eras Gallery
    A multidisciplinary arts space dedicated to showcasing the work of new generation artists aged 15-29 who live and work on the margins.

  • Whipsnapper Gallery
    Provides emerging artists with resources and development opportunities to create public programming that builds bridges and starts conversations.

  • Xpace Cultural Centre
    Provides emerging and student artists, designers, curators and writers with opportunities to showcase their work in a professional setting.

  • Y+ Contemporary
    Provides an inclusive platform for artistic production, engagement, and experimentation, with a focus on emerging practices.

Designed by  Meech Boakye

Designed by Meech Boakye

Please note that all organizations listed above are third-party resources. While they have all been screened by Way Past Kennedy Road before being added, we have no formal affiliation with them. If you have any issues fully accessing any of the listed organization's services, we encourage you to contact them directly.